I woke up feeling very discombobulated today. Did I just make up a word? Hold on…okay, according to spell check and google I got it right.

Anyway, very discombobulated.

I’m not even sure of the cause. I jerked awake and suddenly realized that, apart from Kinley and myself, my bed was empty. And? My head hurt. And I didn’t know if Caitlin was awake or not. To be completely honest, I didn’t know what day it was, or time, or anything. I just knew, Chris was gone, I thought I heard Caitlin crying, and my head hurt. Discombobulated.

I seriously hate days like this. They feel like they just drag on. and on. and on. Maybe it’s the weather; it’s definitely, officially Fall here, with temperatures in the upper 70’s. Maybe I’m getting reinfected with the germs that plagued us all a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I’m honestly losing my mind. Or maybe it’s just a Wednesday after a long night of weird sleep habits.


I love that word. It makes me feel as if I should be able to detach my arms and legs, like a rag doll.

I could totally pull a Kris move and tell you a story about a time I found something referencing rag dolls, but I won’t because it was totally gross. I won’t go into details, because it’s scarred me for life, but in involves a porn titled “Rag Dolls.” And the term “red wings.”And my VCR. I think that detail is rather important to mention.

But I am not Kris, and could never segue as beautifully as she could, so I will just tell you I never used that VCR again.

Discombobulated, like my head is barely attached to my neck. And my brain is just floating around in there, banging against the walls. Fuzzy thoughts jump out of the river of consciousness like salmon swimming upstream…

Did you know I can’t say “salmon” right? Or “aluminum”. Or several other words. My tongue will hang heavy, like lead, making the letters fumble and fall out of my mouth in a heap of sounds. Chris always makes fun of me for it and corrects me. But at least I never said “crick” or “eye-talian.” Just “sal-mon” instead of “sa-men”, and “a-loo-min-um” instead of however you’re supposed to say it.



5 Responses

  1. It must be National Discombobulated Day because I woke up the same way! And it’s one of my favorite words. That and “wonky”! Hope your day becomes more uh, bobulated? Wouldn’t that be the opposite?? Haha!

  2. My sister says awkward awkwardly which always cracks me up.

    Just take your arms and legs off, move them around and the discombobulated feeling will pass.

  3. Snort!

    You are all lovely in your disconnected marionette doll-like movements.


    And wonky.

    And fabulous.

  4. I cannot say Saturday…such a shame since most people say “Hey watcha doing on the weekend?” and I’ll be forced to say “On Sarudfslkdfja day I will be doing xyz” It doesn’t really sound like that but I have to take my time and sound it out. So weird.

    Anyhoodles, I’m sending you a non-discombobulated hug that comes from a non-ragdoll household.

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