Yesterday was a day of pure relaxation. I didn’t blog, I didn’t Tweet, I did Facebook a little, but only on my personal one. I was unplugged from this world for an entire day.

We slept in very late, we ate silly stuff for breakfast and lunch. I watched the news and cried for all the people whose worlds were turned upside-down because their mortgage lender is skeezy. I read books, I cuddled under heavy blankets with the babies while rain drip-dropped outside. I researched and picked out a school to attend, I got excited and started the application.

I actually took a shower, alone. Not having to worry about what Caitlin was getting into, or listening to her cry, or her ripping open the shower curtain to stare at me, or standing under me and worrying about getting soap in her eye. All alone.

I desperately needed that. I’m just exhausted mentally and physically. It’s starting to show by the multiple meltdowns I have nearly everyday and the fact that, even tho I woke up at 10, I was falling asleep on the couch by 9. Let’s not forget, dizzy spells, slurred speech and complete and udder crazyness absentmindedness.

Of course, we all know good things don’t last, so I’m wondering; should I be shocked and upset by the reminder that my husband is the world’s loudest walker, or be grateful he took it upon himself to wake Caitlin up early so that I didn’t fall back asleep and be disappointed and wonky when she woke me up later?

Silver linings. Imagined silver linings.


4 Responses

  1. Sounds like a lovely fall day.

  2. Pua, I’m sorry but “udder absentmindedness” has me laughing like crazy! ;) I can’t imagine the mess of milk that would create! ;)

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