78 Shopping days until Christmas

I don’t know when it happened, I guess some time in between getting married and having Caitlin, holidays became stressful. I get it from my mom, who always made sure we had everything of any sort of collection of toys; GI Joes, Power Rangers, whatever. We had them all. And not only that, but we always, always had something to open on the day in question.

So, basically, I’m turning into my mom, except instead of dying my hair all the time, I want tattoos (that I’m being denied, but when I graduate I AM getting another one). I realize that it’s “only October,” but October for me means Chris’ birthday in a month and I need to be done with Christmas shopping, like, now.

To me, nothing is quite as stressful as it being mid-October and not even starting on the shopping, and believe me when I have been through some stressful situations. I get panicky and freaky and demand that we each get a zillion part time jobs, and I cry. A lot. Mid-October is next week and I only had one present purchased. ONE. A doll for Caitlin. This cannot do.

I’m not insane. Just slightly anal.

This whole being-neurotic-about-gifts thing works out a whole lot better when you’re not stressing about bills too. It’s like, what the eff electric company? Can’t you just hold off on billing me until December 26th? Be nice. And you know what else SUCKS? That there is only ONE STORE that still does layaway’s that doesn’t have stupid restrictions like, big-ticket items only. K-Mart. I’m not a fan of K-Mart. The two near me remind me of bed bugs. Now, I’m freaking crazy about be bugs. Oh, shudder, disgusting. Anyway, so K-Mart is not exactly my favorite place, but a momma’s gotta do what a momma’s gotta do.

So guess what has two thumbs and got nearly all her children’s presents on layaway??

This chick.

Yep. All I have left is their joint gift, which is going to be an indoor/outdoor slide. Which, unfortunately, they didn’t have the one I want at K-Mart.

So this is a message to all you stores out there, if you’re listening, Target, Wal-Mart, TOYS ‘R US (You’re not fooling me with your “layaway” scam ) (and no, the slide doesn’t qualify. Already checked), you could have had my money. I would have much preferred to give you my money, since you’re all in much more convenient locations. But since you refuse to do something as awesome as layaway, you don’t. Guess that’s just another $159.18 you’re not getting this season….


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