Pumpkin Patchin’ with Pursey

So, this weekend Pursey Galore came to visit me out in Virginia. Originally, my idea was taking my BFF and some of our co-worker friends out for a night on the town before she leaves for California and delivers her beautiful baby girl, and Kinley’s future bride. However, she was put on bedrest a few weeks ago. And then, this past week, she started having contractions. And her plug fell out. And the doctor told her the baby was low and ready.

Time for a back-up plan.

And that plan? Was going to the pumpkin patch with my family.

Everyone loooved Pursey…especially…my dad…and…

We had so much fun, and I even saw someone who wore a matching shirt at the pig races, but I didn’t take her picture..that would have been weird.

I enjoyed my family. I enjoyed seeing her daughter have fun with her cousins and petting the animals. I even rubbed my sister’s tummy with my unnamed niece inside. I enjoyed knowing that I’m helping even a little bit. I enjoyed explaining what the deal was with the “loud” and “flashy” purse I was carrying around. I had a blast.

I’m so glad Pursey came to visit. I’m so glad I had the chance to host her here in Virginia. We’re sad to see her go, but we’ll always have our memories.


6 Responses

  1. I totally need pursey to come to Canada. For realz. I plan on going to Regina to visit my BF who’s training to be an RCMP…it’s a surprise. How hilarious would it be if I showed up with that tacky thing!
    PS. I think you could put the baby in there!

  2. I am sooooo diggin’ the men with the Purse!

    I’m going to link this to my IPoMP post tomorrow and run a link on Purse and Boots, too.

    Those pictures are not to be missed!

  3. […] Programming note: The lovely Pua at Dino Mom had Pursey Galore over the weekend and took her on a lovely trip to the Pumpkin Patch! Read about it here! […]

  4. Sorry, but that was one gaudy purse!

  5. PUA!!!

    First off, I’ve missed you. Seriously.

    Secondly, I’m pretty sure throughout The Purse’s journeys, nothing will be able to compare to that picture of your husband, not only wearing it, but with such panache! You guys totally rocked it!

    I’ll have you up on the “Party On, Party People!” page as soon as Lori puts up her version of the story. Shoot me an email with the picture you would like me to use for your thumbnail.

    Much Love!

    PS- did I mention I have missed you? Well, I have. :)

  6. […] Pursey Galore spent last weekend with the lovely Pua, from Dino Momma, and she wrote this post about taking the sparkly bag to a pumpkin patch. But I was far more intrigued by the picture of […]

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