Ramblings of an exhausted mother

Side note: Did you know that “ramblings” did not, in fact, have an “e” in it…? Yea, I knew that too, just testing you guys.

I am in a seriously foul mood today. Not to be confused with a fowl mood…but that’s neither here nor there. But all kidding aside, today has not been a good day, and it’s not even noon yet. Although, right now, I feel like it absolutely has to be. Drinking after 12 is socially acceptable, right? And with that, at what time do you have to stop drinking. I mean, if you’re up all night drinking, at which time should you put down the bottle of whiskey because it’s no longer okay? Or is it okay to continue drinking as long as you’re still drunk from the night before?


Waking up at 430 in the morning is not what I call an amazing start. Caitlin thinks it’s an awesome idea and decided today was her day where she was gonna try it on. And after cuddling and trying to soothe her for a half hour, I discovered that if you lay in bed with the pillow covering your head, all the noises will eventually run together and you won’t be able to distinguish toddler crying from dog barking, and said toddler will fall back asleep. For about 15 minutes.

Sorry Cait, you were wrong, not awesome at all.

Let’s not forget the fact that I can’t get her to eat anything because she isn’t feeling good, which makes me even more upset because I just wasted another orange and banana and cut my finger slicing the orange up. And because she is still pumping out some foul diapers. But it’s just something that needs to run it’s course and then she’ll be okay, hopefully.

Then, yesterday was a loooong effing day. Kinley had his 4 month well-baby check up which involves us going to North Stafford. If you follow me on Twitter, you know this isn’t exactly my favorite place on Earth…Asshole of VANothing against anybody who actually LIKES North Stafford, but I don’t. The traffic is heavy and there is nothing there worth creating such traffic for. There is a Wal-Mart that isn’t even 24 hours and you’ll get mugged in the store anyway. No lie. It’s not a good Wal-Mart. There is a Target and a Border’s and a Best Buy, but if you go a few miles North or South of North Stafford, there are the same things. And less traffic. And more things. And everybody in North Stafford drives like a douchebag because the lines on the roads are painted as if someone was smoking pot and forgot where the lane is supposed to be. Seriously, there are lanes that just disappear. Randomly. Without any real warning. It just suddenly says “OH SHIT! You might wanna merge now!” So you get my point. I hate having to go to North Stafford.

Plus, it’s over an hour drive for me, when you plan for traffic and all. But damn, do I love the kids doctor, so I make the trek for well-babies.

I made the trek. And successfully showed her his amazing spit up skills, and while he is gaining weight and is in the 25-50%, she thinks he could be heavier if he stops spitting up. So she prescribed him Zantac. Not to mention the double ear infection he has which makes me feel absolutely terrible because I honestly thought he was getting better, his cough cleared up a little and his fever has been gone for a couple of days. So had it not been for the well-baby, I probably would have just written it off. Argh.

Giving medicine to a four-month-old is not as easy as it is giving it to a medicine loving 20-month-old. I’ll just tell you that now.

But he got his shots like a champ. The shots that our health insurance doesn’t pay for, although, if I ever want to enroll him in ANY school system, he’s going to need them. How’s that for a big fist up your ass?

I lost my train of thought….


I’m just physically exhausted. A co-worker of mine who was pregnant at the same time I was pregnant with Caitlin just found out she’s about 6 weeks along in another pregnancy and she was asking me how it is with two. I wanted to yell at her “No! Don’t do it! Run away!” But then I remembered, she chose to get pregnant a second time and her daughter will be over 2 when this next baby comes along. So instead I just said “It’s hard at home. It’s harder when you’re out.” Because that is the only way I could describe it without pulling my hair out and showing her the bruises I get on my legs from kicking and the weird painful rash I have on my left breast (I bet that’s more information than you wanted). Avoiding awkward moments for the win!

But Chris has work tonight, which means Caitlin is getting two naps so I get one and can shower during the second.. And I have to say, that is awesome. I think I can survive one more day if I manage to get a decent nap. I just gotta survive one more day and then I can try and survive tomorrow. We’ll discuss that mountain when we get to it.


2 Responses

  1. Sometimes, a nap and not getting mugged are all it takes to turn a day around.

    Please don’t go in that Walmart though, ok? Like, ever.

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