Soapy bubbles

When I think about Chris and our relationship I think of…

Bubbles. Soapy, delicate bubbles. Freshly blown bubbles when the sunlight reflect on their smooth surface creating the illusion of purples, pinks and blues.

We float carelessly, chasing after one another, attaching, detaching. We are bubbles, dancing together in the air while the light reflects off our skin. Transparent and slippery.

Sometimes, we’re lucky and we’ll spend what feels like forever, chasing and dancing. Other times, when we’re not, we float down straight to the ground, popping on jagged rocks, or catch ourselves precariously on jagged blades of grass.

Pop. Bubbles popping. Our soapy water drops through the sky to gather on the ground. Pop, pop. When one sinks below, preparing for the burst, the other stays afloat, sinking slowly, waiting for air to be blown back into the other.

Most of the time, we are chasing and dancing, lovingly and carelessly. Our slippery surface gently caressing against each other.


4 Responses

  1. What a beautiful analogy! I hope Chris reads this ;)

  2. It is quite beautiful – and the fragility of the bubbles makes it that much more realistic. Helps me remember I need to take care of my own bubble of a husband.

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