How was everyone’s Thanksgiving??

Mine was decent. Very different than usual, but decent all the same.

I hadn’t really mentioned it because I had this week’s posts all scheduled up until today and didn’t really feel like going against the schedule or have time to write a whole new post, but my Gma died Tuesday. S’all good, she was 90, it was her time. My poor Gpa, however, didn’t take it very well. He’s been with her for 65 years and now he’s alone. He looked to her for guidance, and now she’s gone. He still has all of us, in fact, my brother Patrick is going to be staying with him for a little while to keep him company at night and help him ease into the transition of my Gma not being there.

That was the biggest reason our Thanksgiving was different. We usually have our entire family, plus my dad’s best friend and his family and my niece’s adoptive family as well. With the loss of Gma, our Thanksgiving turned into a more intimate family memorial, so it was immediate family only. My oldest brother and his family didn’t come either, so dinner was much more quiet than usual.

Another huge reason it was different? Because when we all showed up at my mom’s house at 330? Dinner was actually ready, everything was done. Usually we show up and then have to sit for another 30-60 minutes waiting for something to finish cooking. That was something to be thankful for…

Other than those differences, it was the same as usual. We ate a lot of turkey and mashed potatoes; talked about cell phones and told “that’s what she said jokes,” and of course, there was youtubing to be done as well. We pulled names of nieces and nephews we will purchase gifts for this Christmas. We (meaning Chris and I) tried to bargain and trade, and finally gave up on exchanging and decided on the perfect gift for one. The Saints won.

It was the same Thanksgiving we’ve had for years, but so different than our usual routine.

By 830, Caitlin was upstairs, tucked neatly into bed, snoring softly while Chris and I played a new game downstairs and giggled excitedly about the gift we would be giving in less than 30 days. It was definitely the polar opposite of the Thanksgiving we had last year, days before our life was completely turned upside-down. Days before Chris lost his job, days before we found out we were pregnant with Kinley, just days before everything began to collapse around me.

But, here we are, still standing. No Thanksgiving will ever be the same as the ones we had in the past, but not so different that it’s a bad thing. Just. Different.


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  1. Even though they are not there physically, they are there in spirit and memories and love. It won’t be the same and there will always be an empty spot but you’ll learn to laugh again when you think of them ;)

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