A week without a computer is like being stuck in Antarctica

So, my computer broke a week ago. Chris broke it to be exact. Yea, I was pissed. He dropped it and then said “Well, I wouldn’t have broken it if I didn’t intend on getting you a new one.” Well, could you have just not broken it and gotten me a new one anyway since mine is going to hell? Apparently, the latter was not an option. So, I’ve been without a computer for a week. Woe is me!!

And after he comes home with my new laptop on Friday (along with flowers, dinner, and two bottle of wine for me to chug down), and he gets it set up he says “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

Hell to the no. This is not a “Christmas” present, this is an “I’m sorry I was a big fat jerk face and broke your laptop” present. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t require a lot of presents for anything. I don’t require presents at all. I do, however, require something thoughtful. Buying me a new laptop because you broke the last one, and without one I cannot do the bills or anything else he requires me to do throughout the week, does not constitute as a “present.” It’s “I owe you one.”

But, as it turns out, he was planning on getting me a new laptop for Christmas, and he did bring home two delicious bottles of wine. Of course, this all begs the question, could he have not waited to break the old one until he already had the new one?? Once again, apparently not. Sigh.


We finished our Christmas shopping this weekend. The stocking is stuffed, filled with treats and toys, and our little tree is now filled to the brim with wrapped presents. Linux enjoys laying near it, guarding it against curious nearly two-year-old hands that want nothing more than to tear away paper to see what’s underneath.



(Yes, all we have is a little bitty tree this year. It’s all we had room for.) Holiday’s are a thousand times better when babies are involved. Especially when they are your own. I’m so excited to see her on Christmas day, when we come down the stairs and her and Kinley’s brand new slide. I can’t wait to see him playing with his music tables or her having tea with her new dolls, or reading to them with her Tag Junior.

The year from hell for our little family is nearly over, and 2011 is looking so much better already.


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