A dog and his people

Not every little boy and girl deserve a dog…DSC02547-1DSC02574-1 Not every dog deserves a little boy and girl…DSC02559-1 But sometimes, fate intervenes, and brings them together. And so much love is created.DSC02564-1Linux waited patiently for his people to be born. He waited for our family to grow to wear it is now. He’s watched Caitlin grow and has spent dinners sitting underneath her high chair, waiting for food to drop. He has spent many nights, laying outside her bedroom door. He always lays near Kinley, waiting for him to begin to cough and spit up…he likes to keep him clean (yuck). Days are filled with the sounds of balls being thrown and squeals of joy when the ball is brought back to be thrown again.

Caitlin loves to cuddle in the nook his body creates. Kinley loves to see his long black face in his line of sight. They love their dog and in return, he loves them. I couldn’t imagine having him without them, or them without him. He is the protector, the guard. He is a companion during nap time, or when the nights are just long.



I wouldn’t imagine our family even being close to complete with one and not the other. The three of them just go together, like links in a chain.

They just work.


6 Responses

  1. Dogs are a beautiful thing…
    My choco lab has been part of our family for 7 years. He was a gift to me when I injured my back and was bedridden. He laid at my feet and would give me slobbery kisses. When I had my surgery, he would walk right beside me every time I got out of bed. It was like he was making sure that I wouldn’t fall.
    Then when I went into labour, he paced the halls with me.
    Having a baby and going through PPD, my dog has taken the back burner. I feel terrible about that.
    But I was reminded of how much he still loves me despite all of that when after I had my first cortisone shots, he layed right beside me and tried to lick the bandages on my back.
    Sigh…life wouldn’t be full without him ;)

    • When Caitlin came, Linux was also put in the back of my mind. The past few days, however, I’ve seen how he is with the babies and with me and he’s been helping me. Helping me keep them entertained and helping me. He always knows when someone needs a hug and he’s right there. I adore our pup.

  2. I’m sure they all feel very lucky to have each other. Because they are.

  3. Cuddling in the nook of a dog’s body?


    I miss having a dog SO freaking much.

    And this post is not. helping. at. all.

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