What it is

What it feels like…

Crippling loneliness.
Destruction of the soul.
An endless war inside your heart and mind.

What it is…

Strength developing.
The soul hardening.
Determination evolving.
Love blossoming.
Life lessons.
Learning to let go over situations you cannot control.
Learning to not let fear control you.
A battle that can be won.
A battle that is worth winning.

It’s fear entering and leaving the body. It’s growing older and stronger in time. It’s believing in yourself. It’s knowing that in the end, this too will pass. It’s holding on to that little bit of you that urges you and pushes you forward.


2 Responses

  1. Boo and ya and amen.
    You can beat this betch Momma. You’ve got an army behind you. Love you girl

  2. What is that saying? Pain is just fear leaving the body. Hopefully for all of us that’s true. Mwah.

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