Secret mommy-hood confessions

So Kim over at Make Mommy Go Something Something has finally decided her super funny Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday is awesome enough to make into a meme. So I’m diving in…

Something that not a lot of people know about me?

I’m a (nearly) complete anime geek. And I really, really hope Caitlin and Kinley grow up enjoying it too.

I love the stuff. It all started when I was about six and lived in Hawaii. Sailor Moon came on when I was getting ready for school and I would watch it every morning. When I moved to Virginia a few years later? It came on in the afternoon when I would be off of school. Watched it all the damn time.

Then Sailor Moon went off the air by the time I was in middle school, but that didn’t end my love. I befriended fellow anime geeks and we would watch Sailor Moon movies at our sleepovers.

By high school, those friends had moved…but more anime fans moved in! Yay!! And?? More anime shows start coming on late at night on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming. Yay!

Seriously, I’m a bit of an anime geek.

Now, I don’t go walking around wearing the Naruto headbands or stuff…I don’t like Naruto. But if you put on Sailor Moon, InuYasha, maybe even Bleach, I’ll sit and watch for hours on end.

So, needless to say, I’m super, super, SUPER-OH-MY-GOD-WHY-DID-YOU-HAVE-TO-TELL-ME-BECAUSE-I-WANT-IT-NOW excited for my “big” Christmas presents from him and the kids…

He found Sailor Moon on DVD. The English version and my favorite season/series in bilingual uncut version. Holy crap y’all. Am I excited. Uncut versions that aren’t bootleg are hard to find and he just happened to find it yesterday at the mall. So excited.

Okay, you guys can make fun of me now.


4 Responses

  1. Awwww…that’s cute in a dorkie way…LOL. I don’t judge. If it makes you feel less dorkie, I love Harry Potter.
    *bowing head in geeky shame

    • Caitlin and I actually just started reading Harry Potter. And I’m so excited that it’s difficult to keep it to one or two chapters a reading…and it takes a lot not to read it on my own too.

  2. I would never make fun of you. Not because I understand anime, which I’ve never watched and which I find somewhat confusing. But because weird people shouldn’t throw judgements. And I heart you still. So there.

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