The one in which my panic starts to rise because I only have 3 and 7 months before birthdays

I am ready for this massacre of a holiday season to end.

For reals, ‘yo.

I am running out of space for the mass quantities of gifts my children are receiving from my family. I am actually contemplating getting rid of a desk we don’t use to make room for everything. They are getting a (rather large) indoor/outdoor slide for crying out loud. That doesn’t include the table and chair set the girl is getting, or the freaking tea set or gazillion dolls. Or the TWO musical creeper tables and Lil’ Zoomers huge thing a-ma-bobber my little He-Man is getting.

But once January 1st is here, my focus is once again taken to other things. Such as Caitlin’s upcoming second birthday in March and the little celebration Chris and I will be having for her. And the Powerwheel four-wheeler she’s getting. And the drum set. Along with a gazillion more dolls and tea sets probably. And then, as soon as THAT is over, Kinley’s first birthday in August.

Yes, I’m already planning his first birthday. Do not judge me. It’s in 7 months and I would like to already have everything DONE by now. So imagine how I feel about not having anything planned for Caitlin’s in 3 months.

Augh. More toys.

I’m actually thinking that one or two toys from each of them will be donated along with some of the older toys that are still in perfect condition, just never used. I like to call this toy-lima. Binge and purge. Binge and purge. (I really hope that wasn’t as tasteless as I think it may be, but I’m going to publish it anyway. If anyone is offended, shoot me an email and I’ll remove it, okay?)

In other news? Christmas Eve is tomorrow. And I still don’t have a gift for Chris. That means tomorrow, in between the time he gets off of work and Christmas Eve dinner at my parents, I have to go purchase some. Oh. My. God. This would have been done sooner, but the boy is indecisive!! He wants accessories for his new tablet. No, he wants a single cup coffee maker. No, he wants a controller so he can run a Playstation emulator on his new tablet. No, he wants XBox games. No, he wants a magical unicorn that barfs up cotton candy. No, he thinks he’ll stick with accessories and games. And maybe the coffee maker.

And I can almost promise you that by the time I am actually in the store purchasing said gifts, he will change his mind 8 million more times. And no, I will not just give him a gift card. I want him to OPEN something. I am so anal about this it’s not even funny, it made me cry. He needs to open a wrapped present.

I am so, so dreading having to do this. Please, please let this be over soon. 


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