I’m sure garbage men hate Christmas.

Christmas has come and gone, and it’s now time to start thinking of resolutions we’re going to break in the new year. But first? A recap.

Christmas Eve was wonderful, as it always is at my parents. The food was delicious and the company was amazing. After dinner and before presents and dessert, Santa came for a quick visit and all the grandkids got a special gift.DSC02599Caitlin was absolutely enthused by this, wasn’t she? Kinley did great, but then again, he’s only five months.DSC02600Even my dad got a gift from Santa, which means he sits on Santa’s lap.DSC02596After Santa came and went, it was present time. If you’re in my family, there is absolutely no sense in trying to take pictures of  these few moments because it’s so difficult as my parents yell out names, and everything is being passed around and kids yelling and running around. It’s hard enough concentrating on your surroundings, let alone enter a camera into the mix. Just imagine 13 adults and nine children running around tons of wrapping paper like chickens with their heads cut off.

It’s just as confusing as you probably envisioned.

After presents there was dessert and then we headed out, exhausted, hot and excited to get home.

Because of the kids, we decided we would exchange gifts Christmas Eve so that Christmas morning was for them.DSC02620He got everything he wanted, especially that coffee maker. He had 4 or 5 cups the next morning…DSC02647  I had a pretty good haul myself.DSC02644And this doesn’t include the two necklaces, earrings, perfume or boots I got either. Not to mention the entire collection of Sailor Moon orignial uncut bilingual  version we ordered the next morning either. Now, we just have to finish finding the English version (the top 11 are English, the two orignal DVDs, the three movies and then my Zumba game. Interesting, I know). I had a damn good Christmas this year.

The kids had an amazing one as well. I can’t even get everything they got into reasonable amounts of photos, but the slide?DSC02636 What. A. Hit. She loved it. She would cry when we took her away from it for bath time, diaper changes, lunch, ANYTHING. Best $90 we have ever spent. She didn’t even want to open the other presents once she saw this bad boy, she pretty much just kept going for about 2 and a half hours straight.DSC02641 Kinley enjoyed opening the presents tho.

It was a wonderful and relaxing day for us, even when it started snowing. Which I hate by the way…but that’s a whole ‘nother issue.


5 Responses

  1. My brother just got a job with the City as a garbage man. I am sure that he will totally hate Christmas.
    I am so loving that hoodie! Totally you!
    I didn’t get my camera but I got sour kids so I think that’s a win ;)

    • That is a win! There is always next time for the camera ;)

      Anyway, we put out about 7 bags of garbage and tons and tons of boxes on Christmas day, and our garbage doesn’t come until Wednesday…they are going to have so many bags and boxes that they are probably going to hate us..

      And the hoodie? It’s so amazing. I’ve wanted it since September and it is absolutely perfect. Love. It.

  2. I hear you with the pictures. It’s why my Christmas pictures are awful this year.

  3. Cleaning service ladies hate Christmas too, believe me.
    You should see the amount of garbage we created this Christmas, it was absolutely insane.
    That is a nice size slide, before you know it both kids will be enjoying it.

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