I am fully prepared to blame Chris for this

No, don’t come in here. Don’t. We’re all sick here, and by “all,” I mean “everyone but Kinley. Then again, he may be sick too because he’s been spitting up/vomiting and pooping more than usual, so if that is any indication to what we should expect, please god help me.”

I blame Chris. He’s always sick. He’s the only one that sees other people on a daily basis outside of these walls. He dragged this into our home. Damn him!!

It started with what we assumed was a sinus infection.

Quick bit about this? He always has sinus infections. He has a long history of continuous sinus infections and antibiotic usage . It took two years for us to get a diagnoses of “acute sinusitis.” But that’s only two years we were together; that’s not counting the  years he spent suffering before. Due to the amounts of antibiotics he has been on, he has had mono twice, shingles at least one and has developed a resistance, so they no longer work. Because of this we try to avoid using antibiotics as much as we can, for every member of the family.

So we assumed it was a sinus infection, which is probably was. We are used to them at this point and we stock up on the medicines we know works, which is basically only Nyquil to help him sleep. We dream of better insurance so that he can get the surgery and no longer suffer. We try new medicines that others have told us worked great for them, without much luck. We’re used to the infections and they are an everyday part of our lives. I can, mostly, sleep through the hacking cough of nastiness loosening in his throat during his morning shower.

So when suddenly he started coughing to the point where he pulled a muscle in his chest and required cough drops on Sunday? Fuck. Literally, by that afternoon, my throat started hurting. And yesterday morning, I woke up, my throat burning with a slight cough and Caitlin woke up with a low-grade fever and slight chills. By 2 pm, that fever escalated into a medium-grade fever (is that what it’s called?) and the accompanying chills got worse.

I went out and got her a special “I’m sick” care package for her, which included new pajamas, medicine, a movie and a handful of other goodies to help her get through the week. On the way home, I lost my voice, and Chris’ coughing got so bad he pulled another muscle in his neck and he started crying. I am prepared for the children and I to spend the rest of the week in the house until she gets better. I have a sneaking suspicion that she and Chris may have pneumonia. However, my instincts tell me we’re coming down with the flu. Which makes me angry because every time I went to the doctor (or Target) and forgot to get our shots or they were out.

So, we’re all sick and it blows. Because as moms everywhere know, there is no resting for you, even if you’re sick too. So today, I’m going to be hopped up anything to help with my throat, cough, ears and head. Hopefully, with another day of rest, the kids and I will be better.

If not? Then I’ll be the one sitting in the corner swigging Dayquil.


4 Responses

  1. That is just the worst. I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well. And with that pulled neck muscle you’re not going to be getting a ton of help.

    Here’s to a speedy week.

  2. It could be my fault. I have been coughing since around the 27th and I saw you all on the 31st. But it was just coughing and congestion until last night, that is when it all went down hill. Fever, achiness, delusional, weepy, headache, full ears, ringing in my ears, and perhaps the worse extremely weak muscles. Then Patrick woke up with the cough and within two hours had deteriorated to a scary to see level of illness. I am wishing and hoping with all my might that the other three members of the household do not come down with this.

  3. the *worst not worse. See, I am so sick I can’t write articulately.

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