The real us

I always take care of what pictures I pick to put on this blog. A lot of things are taken into consideration, such as quality, blurriness, and rather than “do we all look good?” I choose pictures that show who we are. This, a lot of times, means really funny pictures.

Like, of Chris, I could show you this one:


But I’d much rather show you this one:n68125832_34121834_9739

Or, when it comes to me I might show you this one: n68125832_36475411_3552 But I like this one much better:2486_606285697122_68125832_37149608_4076_n

I love this picture of me and Chris:5536_656146954762_68125832_39012576_6254563_n But this will always be my favorite:n68125832_34121867_6633The falling gum just makes it classy.

This trend of bad pictures doesn’t stop at just Chris and I. I can guarentee that, but even their bad pictures right now are hilariously adorable.3216_621181306202_68125832_37632879_79430_nShe’s a little more goofy.

Kinley is like his aunt, however, and only makes one facial expressions in pictures…DSC02649 But then, we get gems like this:101214-222704

We’re a goofy family. Throughout all difficulties we have faced, we have managed to keep our inability to take ourselves too seriously intact. Which, to me, is amazing. We can laugh at each other and at ourselves everyday. We keep the horrible pictures, no matter how horrible, to remind ourselves that there aren’t only good times. We like to show off our bad pictures more than our good ones, because they show the real us. The us that you get when you meet us. The us that’s just…us.

Through and through.


5 Responses

  1. You crack me up. You both seem like a hilarious pair. Me and hubs are so like that too. Can’t take life seriously all the time…it would be boring ;)

  2. And this is why I love you.

  3. The gum falling is hilarious! Now that photo is definitely worthy of fav status!

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