This is short, just to let you know, I’m alive.

I sort of disappeared after Wednesday. I’ve been laid up on the couch completely sick out of my mind. It’s hardly been a good week.

On Tuesday, I thought I was going to die. Wednesday I felt better, until about 2 pm, then I felt like I was going to die. Thursday was a day of death and by Friday I thought I might have meningitis because that’s what WebMD told me.

I tried to go out on Saturday, but after having to walk in the bitter cold, and then walk around the mall, I was miserable. And the first time I managed to eat was yesterday, but even that didn’t last long. If there is one thing being sick is good for it’s when you go on a diet and you suddenly decrease you caloric intake from a number I’d rather not mention, to less than 800 a day. It really helps avoid that starving sensation because your not hungry anyway.

My fever ran so high at night a couple of times, I was delusional. I’m pretty sure that’s a sign you should go to the ER, but I slept it off and woke up slightly confused. Chis would also have to put a pillow between us because I made him hot.

As of today, I’m not dying and I haven’t determined I have a more serious, highly contagious disease yet, but the day is still young so there is plenty of time. Hopefully, this is the last day of this crap.


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  1. Oh WebMD…creating paranoia one diagnosis at a time.
    Husbands are funny when you’re on your death bed. “Hon, you’re making me sweat because your body heat is so high” or “Hon, you should sleep in the other room because I don’t want what you have” sigh…so romantic and caring.
    Take care of you and hope you’re well soon.

    • They really are so caring. *Sigh* But at least I know it’s not a “my husband” thing, but rather a “man” thing.

      • Mine is really good about it. I automatically set myself up on the couch to avoid keeping him awake or giving him my illness and he gets upset that I am not in the bed with him. He always tells me that it isn’t my coughing or fever that keeps him awake it is my absence that keeps him away.

        But hey, Pua, don’t be TOO mad at me, it took me 13 years to find this guy!

      • Keeps him *awake not *away.

  2. WebMD always tells you you’re dying so they don’t get sued.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    • HAHAHA. My three illnesses for my symptoms were, in the following order, meningitis, aids or bronchitis. I was highly confused.

      • Haha! Pua, the solution to your problem is….ding, ding, ding….see a real doctor!

        On an aside I am pretty sure you had the flu like all of us over here. Death was certainly an entertainable option in my mind, anything was better than the suffering I was enduring.

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