Snow is the herpes of weather to me

Perhaps I’m a wee bit of a scrooge, but I cannot stand the winter. To me, it’s bad enough to the point where I’m reluctant to go out because it’s such a hassle dealing with coats, scarves, hats and gloves. But I manage, because I have to if I want fresh air. Add snow to the mix, I melt into this heap of sadness because the snow successfully makes me lock myself into a house and avoid going out at all.

I hate the snow more than anything. I hate having to wear shoes that are constricting and require socks. I hate that my pants get wet and cold and stiff at the bottom. I hate that I can never find my hat or gloves or a scarf. I hate that I spend time doing my hair and then have to wear a hat.

The snow makes me irritable and lazy. Especially when I’m already sick and the kids are already getting on my nerves. It makes for a day in which I weigh the costs of child care in my mind heavily and my sister’s excitement makes me want to throat punch her.

As everyone gets excited over potential snow falling, I’m wishing I lived in a warmer area, like Texas or Hawaii, or Belize. So I apologize if I put a damper on your snow love, because seriously, it’s obnoxious. I’d rather weather that allows me to keep my children as close to only diapers as possible. It just makes my job easier.


4 Responses

  1. Well, part of the reason I LOVE snow so much is because it allows me to keep my children as close to ME as possible. :) No school, just hanging around watching cartoons and drinking hot chocolate watching the peacefulness of the snow fall outside.

    Just as an exercise to soothe your nerves you might want to try embracing every type of weather. The weather is beyond our control so it really helps to find something positive in it and to pass on the love of the magic, beauty, and power of nature to your children. For things we cannot control we have no other choice than to embrace them and find the silver lining. As your babies grow up you will soon see the power of snow and how it is so much more than a cold and wet inconvenience. Your children will delight in it and you will too when you can roll over and set that alarm clock for a couple more hours of sleep. ;)

    • You know what I don’t get? The urge towards violence when someone else likes something that someone else doesn’t. I mean I REALLY don’t understand women’s excitement over handbags, manicures, pedicures, spa days, and massages BUT it doesn’t ever make me feel violent. I also don’t understand how some people cannot find the beauty in nature, even if it does create an annoyance BUT it STILL doesn’t make me want to get all violent on them and it doesn’t even annoy me in the slightest bit. You know “different strokes for different folks” and all that. ;) I guess Pua’s sister will now have a reputation for being a shrew amongst the blogger community, oh well.

  2. Well in my Canadian neck of the woods we have snow to contend with from November to May…fack.
    I get so annoyed when people get excited over the white shat. Kind of makes me want to throat punch them….ahahahahaha! Love that line.

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