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As the “stay-at-home” kind, I wear many hats. Mom hat, maid hat, chef hat, all those usual “hats.” But then, there is an additional one that I’m not sure other wives wear or if my husband is the only one who takes advantage of me being home. I also own a “personal secretary” hat that wear throughout the week, especially when Chris and I begin our hunt for a new job.

Yes, I do say “Chris and I” when referring to a job search. And guess what else? I also help make the decision in which job he essentially takes. There is only one situation in which he is allowed to have full executive decision and that’s in the case of the job being a six-figure salary. When it comes to the job hunt, however, I do a majority of the work.

I dust off the copy of his resume and once it’s been updated and redone, I’m the one who goes on to the various job websites, posts it and updates his profile. He gets 90% of his contacts through email so that I can get to them personally and respond with the proper information. He takes care of the 10% which decide to call. I set up interviews, make reminders, fill out the potential employee questionnaire and send follow-up “thank you” emails. He gets his hair cut, wears a suit and tells funny stories about how I’m neurotic and the time our daughter took off her pants and ran around the house screaming “I’M NAKED” in an effort to make the interviewers connect with him. Usually, it works and by a week after our job search has started, we have one lined up.

He’s good at what he does, I’m good at what I do and we usually have a lot of luck with this. We have a method and it works for us.

It also doesn’t hurt that he can do one hell of an interview.


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  1. Yay! It’s greatwhen you can work as a team! Good luck!!

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