Some random thoughts for Monday

On Friday night, Kinley said his first word. Which is, of course, “dada” and completely awesome. Except for the fact that, now, every time he opens his mouth, I hear “I want dada.” Which does not do any good when he isn’t around and the child starts screaming like a banshee.

Caitlin and I are currently reading the Harry Potter series and are currently on The Prisoner of Azkaban (which has always been my favorite). As we’re reading this, it occurs to me that, while the Harry Potter concept is an amazing storyline, J.K. Rowling is not a good author.

I have a collection of old sweaters, shorts, and teeshirts that were my dad’s when he was younger in the Marine Corp. Most of them fit me perfectly, which makes me wonder, do I have the body of a young 20 year old man, or did he have the body of a young 20 year old woman? Either way, someone should be insulted.

I look good as a redhead. I really do. Even Chris agrees.

I’m having difficulty eating cheeseburgers lately, which is very distressing to me. I love cheeseburgers.

I’m so excited for summer because I miss not having to dress the kids and myself. But mostly, because I can’t wait to go back on the roller coaster that makes me black out a little.

My son is a huge jerk sometimes. Like, for real. And I’m not even ashamed to admit that, but the boy can groove with the best of them.

The boys from Big Time Rush (with the exception of James) are so adorable, I want to marry them all.

My son is still a jerk.


2 Responses

  1. Don’t feel bad about him saying “dada” right now, at this age it is just random babbling and has no meaning so he isn’t really showing a preference for Daddy over you. ;) It is all just practice at this point. I am convinced that this is why fathers are “dada” the world over because a million years ago some caveman was playing with his 6 month old baby and the baby babbled “dada” and he thought the baby was referring to him. That is my theory anyhow. ;)

  2. More importantly WHY are you watching “Big Time Rush”? Even Madi thinks that show is incredibly stupid.

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