Skills of a stay-at-home mom (well, just this one at least)

I was thinking about how I would update my resume after nearly a year of being a stay-at-home mom, if I needed to. After thinking about it for several hours throughout the day, it dawned on me that there, possibly, wouldn’t be a job that had a need for my new found skills.

Other than perfecting my ability to type close to 120 words a minute (suck it, Trebek), this year off has also taught me how to tandem change poopy diapers and memorize the schedule of Nick JR.  Not only that, but I consider myself a semi-professional Angry Birds player.

I’ve also learned how to ignore tantrums that involve small spaces and high-pitched screaming, and how to sleep through high pitched giggling and squealing as Kinley rolls from one side to the other. I’ve also had the glorious pleasure of saying things, such as, “Please don’t fart on your brother’s head,” and “Please don’t step/sit/walk on your brother’s head/arm/leg.” Not to mention saying, “How many times have I told you not to touch that? Now I’m going to have to chop your hand off.”

Yes, those are all things I have said. And no, no hands have gotten chopped off yet. But I figure the sooner she learns my version of Hammurabi’s law, the better.

My abilities and skills are a vast arrangeable that help me in my everyday life, but somehow, I get the feeling that should I need a job any time soon, they won’t help me find a job. Except maybe as a daycare provider, but I can barely handle my own children on a daily basis. Not so sure that’s a good fit.


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  1. Suck it trebec indeed. I love you.

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