A sea of blue

I’m surrounded by a sea of blue. Everywhere I turn to look, blue looks back at me.

Blue sparkles  when they giggle and laugh. Blue darkens when they cry. Blue shines at me through the blackness of the bedrooms.

I am hazel to their blue. An outsider, but still, I am one of them. He writes songs about it. She points out our difference in the mirror. They love my hazel and get lost in it, just like I get lost in their blue.

All three of them, blue. One a little more green, one a little lighter, one a lot darker. Blue reflected back in love, in want, in need. Blue is the color of family. Blue is the color of my heart.

They remind me of the ocean, and I see us playing in the crashing waves of their eyes. So deep, so pensive, so amazing. Blue is the color of love for me. And for them, there is a shade of Hazel in their heart.

I’m their Hazel. And they are all my Blues. A sea of blue.


5 Responses

  1. I know how you feel. I have two blues and Derek and Annabelle both have warm brown eyes, I am the only green. I really want this baby to have green eyes, I don’t want to be the only one with green eyes but green eyes are terribly recessive so I am guessing this baby will have those warm and inviting chocolate color eyes.

  2. Wow…beautiful. Love when you write from this place on your soul and heart ;)

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