Meeting Kelsey Lynn

My sister and her boyfriend tried for ages  to get pregnant. I offered my body, my eggs, anything to help and we jokingly discussed it, but I would have if she wanted to. It seemed, to them, a task that would never produce any results without help.

Until, finally, they did.

And it stuck.

We found out she was a girl. And we offered suggestions for names and thoughts of what she would look like.

On Monday, my sister was induced, and by 330 in the afternoon (I think), she arrived. 7 lbs 1 oz and with a huge (in my personal opinion) head. But no name.

Finally, yesterday morning, I log onto facebook to discover the baby daddy tagged me in a picture. Usually not a good sign (he is a champion bad-picture taker), I look, and am greeted with this:

“Hello world, I’m Kelsey Lynn.”

Picture courtesty of baby daddy's facebook

How beautiful is she? Derek (baby daddy) picked the name out and struggled with it incessantly. I told him Olivia, but no one EVER listens to my opinion. She shares the same middle name as her mommy, which, my understanding is, was important to him. And Kelsey was pointed out to them on a cooking show, in a song, and on a license plate. Can’t argue with that.

Yesterday evening, when Chris got home, we went to see her. And of course, Chris was so eager to hold her. After his children, his nieces and nephews are the most amazing things to him.Excuse the photo quality, it’s from my phone. I need to get our adapter to upload the ones taken with our camera.He stole her from me as soon as I got her calm and awed at her size and how long it’s been since he’s held a little one.

I have a feeling his uterus will start yearning next time he sees her. God help me.


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