Story time

There is something about the way their bodies feel heavy on my chest as we snuggle in to read a story. Kinley snuggled in at the breast, Caitlin holding her milk while one hand with little fingers rubs my back. In that moment we are three bodies, one heart.

They are breathing gently as I flipped the pages of the book, reading the words in an even and softly. The pictures are full of color and images which prompt stops in the words to answer “what’s that?” Little fingers point to objects, littler hand try to grab the book from me, but we continue on and read.

Occasionally, they will look up at me and smile. Their instinct when they see my face, to smile. Gummy smiles and toothy grins, reserved just for me, for mama.

Delicate moments smoothing out the rough edges of our lives.

As I turn every page, I breathe them in, kiss the tops of their heads, snuggle them closer to me. When we reach the final page, little eyelids begin to drop and cover little blue eyes. The final words are read as heavy, sleeping sighs are given.

I love yous are whispered in their ears as they are laid down to sleep. Three bodies, one heart.


2 Responses

  1. Oh I love you and hen you write like this. You captured this so well. Love you Momma

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