Missing days

I miss the days when Kinley was tiny and new born, with his lack of movements and noises other than whines and cries from being hungry and dirty. Those were the days…

And now, as I look at him making his way across the bedroom floor the best way he can? I miss them even more. When I could get out of bed and surround him by pillows and check on him every so often, knowing he was safe. When he slept 90% of the day away, and the little time he was awake was sporadic and involved nursing.

At first, I missed it because it meant he wasn’t up at 7 in the morning laughing and giggling and ready to play. Now, as I write even more, I realize it’s because, suddenly, I have no infants, I have a toddler and a baby. Two individuals who are turning more and more into individuals. His long, delicate fingers perfecting their ability to grab anything within reach; anything out of reach, his strong legs propel him towards.

He scoots around the floor throwing his pacifier forward, then eagerly moving towards it. When he reaches it, he rewards himself with placing it in his mouth before throwing it forward again. Every time, he responds with squeals of delight and joy, or groans and grunts of frustration.

No longer an infant, but a baby. A growing boy. A boy that will soon be moving smoothly on his knees to discover new things. A boy that will soon be talking and laughing and playing even more, only to be followed by walking and feeding himself. No more infant.

I miss those days where he was small and fit so carefully in the cradle of my arms. I miss when he was my teeny boy.


3 Responses

  1. Aw, this post is so sweet. I bet there are some pretty awesome things about having older ones though, right?

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