Freedom is mine!

For five months, five very long, boring months, the Dinomobile has been the primary form of transportation for Chris and I. That means, 99% of the time, Chris was living like a hobo in it, taking it to and from work everyday. To be quite honest, I’ve probably driven maybe 3 or 4 times in the last six months. Yes, SIX MONTHS.

So, it’s sucked, being cooped up in the house whenever my mom wasn’t planning on doing anything and never being able to do what I wanted, like go to the mall to let Caitlin run around the play area on a Monday after nap time; or go meet girlfriends for lunch. But my complete and total unwillingness to purchase a new car was part of it, so I rarely complained. I didn’t want to be sacked with an expensive car note when we really didn’t need it. We’re (well, me) are learning from our mistakes.

My parents, however, recently paid off all the three vehicles they had (the Dinomobile being one of them. It was a gift years ago) and purchased three new ones; a new van for my mom, a new truck, and a new commuter car for my dad. Since the Dinomobile was already mine, that is a no-brainier as far as being put in my name, my parents didn’t know what to do with the van or my dad’s old car. Yes, they could trade them in to lower the cost of their new cars or they could help a brother out. My brother took my dad’s old car to trade in with his car this summer for a new one and Chris and I took the van, which we promptly named Pimp Van.

Pimp Van is in great shape, I mean it just got massive amounts of work done to it, getting everything fixed about four months ago. Not only that, but the thing is big enough for our growing family, has the dvd player and, let’s not forget the most important part, it’s free. My instinct, once again, proves it knows best when I wanted to wait instead of making a dumb decision a few weeks ago when Chris wanted to look at cars. We don’t have a car note and we got another vehicle. He is the primary driver of Pimp Van because, well, DUH, Dinomobile is mine and he loves it.

Everyone is excited and happy about their new four wheels, but none are quite as excited as I. Five long, torturous months, and I finally have freedom again. Even with two kids to haul around with me, it tastes so good.


4 Responses

  1. We are also a one car family. Being home with a baby is tough with no freedom…

    • It is so tough. There is no doing anything special with your baby without the other parent around, unless they are trapped at home. Cars are one of those things many parents (or people) don’t realize they are a privilege, not a right. When you’re a one car family, you really realize how awesome it is to be able to do things on your own.

  2. We just paid off our car and the freedom of not having to pay that anymore is super awesome. We could never live without two cars since I work too. Besides, I’d lose my marbles if I was stuck at home.

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