It’s Monday night.

No. Shit. It’s Tuesday night. Watching my Monday night shows right now has me all screwed up.

The house is quiet. Everyone is peacefully snoring away in their respective beds or laps. Everyone, that is, but me.

Silence. Golden, wonderful silence. The number one thing, after the health, happiness and safety of the children of course, that a mother would sell her soul to the devil for.

There is no crying. No “mommy mommy momma momma MOOOOOM!” ringing throughout the house. No sniffles, snorting or “baby, I don’t feel good.” Just me and the tappity tap tap of the keyboard.

Even the air right now smells like silence and calm, other than the poopy diaper I’m sure Kinley has, but I’m just going to leave that until I’m forced back into reality.

But I have some time. Some time for me. Some time to just watch tv without having to pause it or play pirate ship. Or eat a box of Oreo Cakesters and then deny it in the morning.

Shit. The laundry is done in the washer. E gads that was quick. And now, that diaper is starting to become a lot more noticeable.



2 Responses

  1. Those moments not matter how long or short are heavenly aren’t they? It’s nice to take that mommy hat off once in awhile :)

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