I rush around the house, digging frantically through drawers while her cries create a soundtrack to our morning.

The toy is up on the counter top, laying down in preparation for a battery change and she is trying, desperately, to climb up and take it down. Ten minutes ago, she brought it to me, desperate, because it wasn’t working.

Why is there never a screwdriver when you need one?

MOMMA, PLEASE! MOMMA, PLEASE!!!! She is crying. She is impatient. She is like her mother.

I’m going as fast as I can. Do we need to stop and have another talk about being patient and waiting calmly?

No, no, no HEE HAW! She’s as stubborn as a mule, get it?

She calms down slightly as I find one, might be too small to fit the screw, but I need to try it. She is growing restless again as I put two “D” batteries I found on the table top in expectation that those are what I’ll need.

She begins to whine again as I take the cover off and inspect the amount I need. Two more.

Momma dude? Please?  Dude. Hee haw! MOMMA PLEASE!!!

I tear through the battery drawer. Double “A”, triple “A”, “C”, a nine volt? Everything but “D”. Her body flies backwards onto the ground with a thump as she kicks and screams and whines her absolute need for her toy. I contemplate distracting her and throwing it away. That will take care of it. But then I spot them. Two batteries that look old and feel hollow, I’m not even sure they still work, but it’s worth a shot.

I run through to the kitchen and put them in and push the button in hopes it brings some complacency to her. The silly, child-like music fills the room and she sits up with tear stained cheeks. A toothy grin breaks out across her face and she runs over to me. I bend down to help her carry the toy to the playroom. For a few moments, I am an absolute hero who did a job well-done and my reward?

Thanks momma dude. Lobe eww. And a kiss on the cheek.


6 Responses

  1. Oh gos their little love you’s can eat your heart

  2. Hahaha!! A thing a mother can’t live without…batteries and a screwdriver!

  3. Aw, nothing wins love faster than a screwdriver!

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