Another post for another night.

I was going to participate in The Red Dress Club‘s writing prompt for this week. I really was. I saw it and loved it and immediately had a million and a half posts running through my brain at the speed of sound.

But when I sat down at the computer to write, my fingers braced over the keys, nothing came out. I sat staring at the beginning of the prompt willing my mind to work, but it turned to mush.

So, instead, I went to Ikea’s site a million times. Priced couches, end tables, entertainment centers, looked to see if they had pet beds. Then I went to Target’s site and the electric and gas company’s too. I checked my email a thousand times and excitedly looked over the welcome packet for our new apartment (oh yea, we’re moving. More on that later) and jotted down a million lists of things we need to purchase and things we need to do.

I sat down again last night, my fingers over the keys, staring at an empty page that wanted to be fed words for a story dying to be told, but nothing came out. So I spruced up a bit, if you haven’t noticed. And then everything went wonky and nothing was downloading right or taking forever to change. And then my button disappeared and I haven’t been able to get it working again and by 11 I was so exhausted I couldn’t handle making anymore changes. Hence, the crappy little memo where my button should be.

So, I prepared to type again, Chris asleep, baby heavy on my lap, but nothing came out. I could only focus on my heavy eyelids and the footsteps overhead, but no words from the millions of stories I could tell. Nothing.

But I love the prompt, and would love to write it. One night. But not tonight. Not for today’s post. Sorry. Another time I’ll get to it, but right now I have so much going on in my head there is no room to escape.

Another post for another night.


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