Secret mommy-hood confession

So my confession this week?

I am so over spit up.

Just. Done.

Kinley has always had awful, AWFUL reflux and nothing seems to help. As a newborn, it was hard for me to convince people that it wasn’t a normal amount. I was constantly drenched in it for the first few weeks of life. I hated nursing him, I hated holding him. It was a constant battle and it didn’t help my PPD.

At his two months I told his doctor how he spit up for what seemed hours after every meal, how he didn’t sleep well at night because all he wanted to do was nurse and then spit up and nurse again. But he was gaining weight well and he was two months old so bpth she, and my mom, and everyone but Chris, shrugged it off as normal. So he continued to spit up.

When he was four months old, his doctor put him on Zantac in hopes it would help. The issue with that, however, was he HATED it. Absolutely detested it and we couldn’t get him to swallow any of it. If it was grape flavored, he’d be all over that, but it’s not. Only peppermint or citrus. So he continued to spit up.

So here is he, almost seven months, and still always spitting up. I hoped it would help starting solids, and it did, for about a week. Then it got worse.

We’re at the point where it is an everyday occurrence. I have ninja like reflexes now to avoid it, and am used to chasing him around with a wipe to clean it off the floor when he is crawling around.

But to be honest, I still hate nursing him in public. I hate it and only do it if I absolutely have to. I count down to the day that this ends, but it just doesn’t look like it’s in sight.

And that, honestly, devastates me.


4 Responses

  1. My middle child had untreatable reflux for 10 months. We took spare clothes with us everywhere because she was spitting up massive amount constantly. I understand how miserable it can be.

    • It’s terrible and embarrassing. I feel guilty for being so miserable about it, but it’s difficult. At least I’m not the only one.

  2. you totally should not feel bad about being completely over spit-up. i thought i was going to lose my mind by the time my daughter was 7 months old, but it did get better and not long after she turned 7 months. have you tried prevacid solutabs? my doctor had me put 1/2 of one in a syringe with a little water to disolve it and then administer it. it’s got a mild fruity taste unlike the harsh mint of the zantac. there wasn’t a generic when my daughter was on it and it was $50/month, but they just released the generic a few months ago so it’s probably MUCH cheaper now.

  3. Oh I am so sorry! My girlfriend’s baby (who is a year old now) used to do this all the time too. She would chase him around my home making sure that he didn’t barf on my carpet or on Chunky’s toys.
    It did go away though spontaneously like it never happened. Babies are weird like that.

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