Sex and Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day.

I don’t particularly care about Valentine’s day. That is to say, I’m not one who gets upset or emotional when my husband doesn’t come home with a card and flowers. Not that I have to worry about that because he always does, but the point is, if ever one year he decided he would prefer to skip the day? I wouldn’t care at all.

Really, all V-Day is about to me is an overabundance of chocolate, a slutty outfit and a required sexual encounter. Occasionally a date and a small gift, if we have the time and money, but those are not necessary to our Valentine’s Day celebration. Like I said, the only thing that is required is a few moments of peace. Except last year, because I  felt sick when we got home and ended up spending three days in bed trying to convince people that it couldn’t be morning sickness for a multitude of reasons.

But Chris? He is a somewhat romantic. Holidays like Valentine’s Day are important to him, he likes to celebrate. He likes to show he cares. He enjoys the guarantee of sex. So, he reminds me in the morning. He reminds me throughout the day. He comes home with a card and flowers. And he reminds me of the underwear that was recently purchased just for this particular day.

And so, the first of the required days of sex is here upon us. Luckily for me it’s a Monday and he’s at work, so that gives me plenty of time to watch porn and prepare.

Happy required day of sex Valentine’s Day!


2 Responses

  1. It’s totally true that there are various obligatory sex days throughout the year

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