The room is covered in darkness, save for the passing headlights peeking in through the curtains. The only noise to be heard is the sound of the ceiling fan swirling the air around us. Awake in bed, wondering what woke me so suddenly and early. I close my eyes to concentrate and listen.

It doesn’t take long for the morning squeals to begin again. High-pitched babble ring out into the early morning hours, as Kinley pulls the blankets around him as he wiggles around to wake me up.

Soft, little hands touch my face in the darkness and I can hear the smile on his face as he giggles at me. I can smell the sweetness of my milk on his breath as he brings his face close to mine and covers my cheeks and nose in warm, wet kisses.

He is saying good morning while I am still saying a few more minutes.

A moment of complete peace interrupted by my son.

A moment of complete peace interpreted differently by my son.

Moments of once quiet, now filled with the beginnings of language.

Moments of stillness, now filled with the eager tossing and turning of a restless child.

The sun still sits, awake in another part of the world, but quiet in ours as I make my way out of bed, careful not to wake Chris.

I reach out to take Kinley with me and he buries himself into my hold.

A moment of complete peace created for my son.

A moment of complete peace created by my son.



12 Responses

  1. These moments are the ones that change our lives, I’m sure of it

  2. the style you chose to use here is perfection. i love all the parallels. beautiful.

  3. It’s hard to say, just a few more minutes, when a little person is waking you up “their way”. I savor the moments I have alone with my toddler, even if it is a bit too early. Love this!

    • That’s exactly what I was trying to say, even tho they are so early, they are our special moments that he has just for me, with me. Thank you!!

  4. Pua…
    This is so lovely.
    Your love is so real, so rich.
    I love this part so very much: ” I can hear the smile on his face.” That is such an amazing image.

  5. oh this is BEAUTIFUL, Pua!

    you have given us all of the senses…all of them. I could almost smell the morning…the snuggles…

    so lovely.

  6. Beautiful – such a great take on the prompt!

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