Russian Roulette: Parenting style

Chris doesn’t “do” poopy diapers.

I could be completely honest and say he rarely “does” any diaper, but rarely is the key term and he may get defensive of this. So I will say, he “does” diapers when he is able to and when I mention it needs to be done. But if it requires wipes, 9 times out of 10 he’ll hand it off to me.

The other night, Caitlin had finished her dinner and I was feeding Kinley his when I smelled something fierce. I was positive it was Caitlin, and as routine has been lately, since we don’t have a book to read yet, Chris has been doing the final diaper change and into pjs and tucked into bed. I casually mentioned it was time for a diaper change and bedtime; Chris went to go get the diaper and Caitlin settled herself into her usual spot where he does the deed. As he returned I mentioned, once again casually, that he may need the wipes. When asked if she was poopy I replied that it was a high possibility. It was one of them, but I wasn’t sure and that we were playing a game.

At the moment he began to change hers, I began to change Kinley’s, proud of my deceit, convinced Caitlin was the dirty one. As soon as I detached his onesi Chris calls over, “You win babe. You are the winner.” After smiling to myself momentarily I realized I didn’t know what he meant. Did I win because she was the dirty one? Or did I win because he was the dirty one? My panicked question was met with silence as he finished folding the tabs around her and I had already began to open Kinley’s. There was no turning back.

I began to gag as I opened it. It was horrendous and inhuman. I begged Chris to come help out or to take it over completely, that I was pooped out because that’s all I had gotten for the last 5 diaper changes between the two of them (this was number 6) and I couldn’t handle anymore.

He stood up laughing, threw the wipes at me and responded, “Hell no, you decided to play Russian Roulette and you got the bullet. You lost babe.”


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