Second child syndrome

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Kinley will be my “difficult” child.

Isn’t that usually how it goes? Your first one is a dream and then your second one is a complete terror.

*However* Caitlin wasn’t, and still isn’t, exactly a dream. She was very quiet and not colicky at all, “regular” in all the good senses and easy to please. She was, and still continues to, a gymnast tho. Constantly climbing on everything, constantly swinging from anything that is swing-able. A chair? Climbed. A couch? Climbed. A box or empty clothes basket? Climbed in. The bars connecting the jumper/exersaucer? She does the parallel bars on that shit. But, she continues to be the sweetest, most friendly child you will ever meet. We never had any issues with reflux or with separation anxiety.

If the seemingly unstoppable reflux wasn’t bad enough, Kinley is quite possibly the shyest child Chris and I could have ever produced. The separation anxiety this little boy has is so severe, he won’t allow anyone to hold him if I’m within eye sight. People will hold him, he will search for me. If he sees me, he starts reaching. He won’t take a bottle or even eat baby food for anyone else. If I place him on the floor to clean or just sit by myself for 5 minutes, he is usually fine for about 10 seconds, and then starts heading my way crying and whining to be picked up. He is only truly happy if he is sitting on my lap or laying next to me.

I love him and I love his little smiles that are just for me, but honestly? Little vomit covered hands grabbing your ears and hair to pull you in for vomit covered kisses is only cute until about 830 pm after it’s been done about 6 million times. At that point it’s just sheer overkill.


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