Seven truths

It’s impossible to get a decent self-portrait with a six seven month old.

She’s a better photographer than most people I know.

Pictures like this make my heart catch in my throat, because I no longer see my baby.

I look as tired as I feel. And Caitlin obviously spends too much time with her daddy and his “sea food/see food” jokes.

The truth has come out. Chris isn’t really Kinley’s biological father. It’s the Brawny Man.
Also? We enjoy flannel obviously. (See previous photo)

Kinley was a cat in a previous life. He always finds that one sunny spot to fall asleep in.

She takes Roosevelt (or West Africans really) very seriously. Except the whole “speak softly” part.


This post was inspired by none other than the ultra hilarious Megan at Best of Fates and her “5 pieces of advice” post.


4 Responses

  1. Haha! Love this and the pictures! Kinley has the right idea about sun bathing ;)

  2. Sigh. Now I wish I were a cat

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