The purple room

Fresh paint.

Fresh purple paint.

Fresh purple paint with dinosaur decals decorating the border of the wall.

We’ve just moved to Virginia and are in a temporary house until we get properly placed according to my father’s rank.

It’s the first room I’ve ever had that’s just mine. My sister is back in Hawaii, my oldest brother joined the Marine Corps, the other two share a room down the hall.

As I walk towards it, I inhale the fresh purple paint; my favorite childhood color, the smell that defines my childhood memories.

It’s a small-ish room, compared to what would become my bedroom later on, but to my small nine-year-old self, it is glorious.

A black bunk bed hoovering over top a little space for studying and playing. A white desk with a lap and a dictionary, on the other side bookshelves with a stereo and several books. A small desk chair that was bought just for me. The cold metal burns my hand as I climb the ladder to my bed.

A little TV in-between two windows set on top a little box. A bean bag chair is placed in front of it for comfort purposes. The TV would stay on at night, for comfort. The late night cartoons playing on and on, I grew to know the classic characters my parents grew up on.

Across from the bed is the closet that would scare me on one of the first nights there. A moth would fly out of it at me as I stared at the purple paint.

We get to that house by July, and by August we’re gone, into a new house on the other side of base. A month in my purple room, but a month that would never leave me. A space created for me to learn and grow in my purple room.

That house, like the house that we went to from there, and the house where I spent my teenage years is gone. Brought down to rubble to create new houses for new families. I have nothing left of that house except for memories of a month in my purple room.
Brought to you by the Red Dress Club’s memoir prompt: A room from your past.


9 Responses

  1. Beautiful ;)
    I had a purple room once…it was a bitch to paint over ;)

  2. Great post! As a teen my room was purple so took me right back! It must have been tough to move around like you did.

  3. this was great, your words left me with a feeling of wonder and excitement. The kind that is magical when you are 9

  4. It was so great to get my own room in middle school.

  5. I love that you love dinosaurs. and had a purple room. it’s all so…lovely :)

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