Pet peeve

Wake up in the morning….

No, I’m not feeling like P. Diddy, which honestly, is nothing short of a tragedy.

But I am cranky as hell.

And to make matters worse?

There is that damn cup on the side table.

A cup of water that hasn’t been touched since 10 pm the night before.

The ice is melted, it’s nearly overflowing and it’s just sitting there.

Oh my god, that cup.

My husband is…

Oh, he is a lot of things. A lot of things; funny, incredibly sexy, (very) easily distracted. He is also a creature of habit, so although he doesn’t actually drink from it, he brings a cup of water with him to bed every. single. night.

And then, in the morning? He leaves it there. And in the mornings, I’m usually in too much of a rush of diaper changes and breakfast servings to think twice about it, so I leave it there as well. By 1030, when it has completely slipped my mind, Caitlin sneaks into the bedroom where she knows there is a cool glass of water, just sitting, waiting.

Before I know it, water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. And why? Because it’s all over the bed. Or on the floor.

At that point I want to set the effing house on fire because I am so tired of dealing with these cups.

Those effing cups.

It’s been a while, so I figured I would do Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop for old times sake. Today’s post topic? A pet peeve that drives you crazy that probably shouldn’t. The cups probably shouldn’t make me want to suffocate my husband, but they so do.

I wouldn’t really suffocate him. But the cups still drive me crazy.


10 Responses

  1. My husband does this all. the. time. It drives me crazy as well. And I’ve had the water everywhere scene from the two toddlers who love to get ahold of said glass. Men! ;)

    • I’ve asked time and time again to just pick them up in the morning, but it never happens.

      In fact, I have to change the sheets on our bed because of the stinking cup this morning!

  2. How do kids remember every f-ing little thing?

  3. Haha, I do the same thing every night. I bring the water up just in case I get thirsty, it is a preventative measure. ;)

  4. Oh my God that would drive me CRAZY!!! My husband does stupid stuff like that too…

    • This morning the cup was spilled all over his side of the bed. I’m tempted to just make the bed over it and wait for his reaction when he goes to bed. Tee hee.

  5. I think kids gravitate towards anything they’re not supposed to touch ;)
    Pft…men and their cups

    • Caitlin has a radar for things she’s not supposed to touch. In fact, this morning she broke my mom’s reading glasses after telling her a million times to put it down. Ugh, I’m seriously exhausted. Hahaha

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