I’m not really here

Today is a big day all around. A big, busy day. Chris has an interview this morning for a job that will get us on the right track for our two-year and five-year plans (we go up to ten, but this job won’t have any effect on the ten-year). We’re excited and hopeful on that, and my impatience doesn’t do good in situations like this. I’m no good waiting for phone calls, so if he doesn’t walk away with an offer today, I will harass him and check his email until an answer comes through.

That’s how I roll.

Other than that, technically I’m not here. I’m actually packing up our belongings and getting everything set up for the move. Tomorrow we go and sign the lease for our new place and begin again, the way we both agree we should have three years ago. Except with two kids. But it’s cool. I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

But seriously, I hate packing and unpacking. This is such an irritating transition. Chris and I have a habit of just throwing things away every time we move because we just don’t want to bring so much with us. We’re constantly downsizing, which is awesome because we managed to really figure out what’s important to us and what isn’t.

It’s something I highly recommend everyone do every now and then. Go through your shit and think about what you would keep if you were suddenly in a situation you never thought you would be.

It’s funny, however, because you never really know how your priorities change until you’re in that situation. You really start to figure out what’s important and what’s expendable. For me, it was my kids things. Their toys, their clothes, their beds. My stuff? I would throw it all away if I had to choose between it all.

We’ve come to realize how lucky we are, how strong we are, as individuals and as a couple. Everything happens for a reason and we, honestly, needed this. We had to lose everything we thought was important to get everything that really is important back.

So we’re starting again, and we’ll do so much better. We’re armed with knowledge and determination. We learned from our past mistakes and we are much stronger this time around.

We’ll be okay. We always are.


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