The dust is settling

Our first week in the new place has come to an end.

The boxes are unpacked, the furniture is put together, the rooms are set up.

Linux came back to us on Thursday and is still adjusting to apartment living. He isn’t much of a barker, but he’s always been able to just run out of the house and chase squirrels. He isn’t able to do that here and the fat, brown creatures antagonize him by sitting on our porch, staring at him, daring him to bark.

Caitlin started sleeping in her big girl bed last Monday and we haven’t had any issues. A few tears were shed the first couple of nights, but now she seems to enjoy it. Just more thing that’s completely bittersweet. So proud of her and happy it’s been an easy transition for her, so depressed because it’s just more proof of how old she is getting. Her birthday is next Monday.

Kinley is becoming less reliant on being held all the time. My arms and lap manage to catch a break for several minutes at a time. I was beginning to feel like this day would never happen and I’d be carrying him to his college graduation.

Both kids enjoy having free reign again. Throughout the day, silence will fall and I’ll discover them playing in their room. It’s nice to have my living room mostly toy free and have those moments of peace, knowing they are safely enjoying themselves in their own private space.

Chris has been preoccupied by waiting for a phone call or an email about the job he interviewed for last week. He got it, so long as nothing goes wonky with the security clearance. It’s just one more thing to look forward to, one more thing to relax about.

I’ve been exhausted. Stuffy children noses along with serious stomach problems have prevented easy sleep for the last few nights. Words are loopy and jumbled up in my brain and I find myself falling asleep while doing the lunchtime dishes.

But I’m back, mostly. Hopefully, in a few days I’ll recuperate and be back to normal.

Or as normal as I can be?


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  1. T dust settling is a beautiful thing ;)

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