I grew up on them; the memory of my first taste pushed into the far reaches of childhood memory, long forgotten.

I watch my mom as she inspects each red berry, dripping with water from being rinsed, for bruises and soft spots. Her hands work with an ease I’ll never have grasped as she quickly slices off the leafy green tops, followed by halving and quartering them.

The sweet smell of the juice fills my nostrils as she dumps the slices into a bowl of sugar. I’d much rather just eat them without the sugar ruining the slight tangy flavor the freshness of the fruit produces, but I don’t complain as she picks up another berry to inspect and prepare.

My small hands find their way into the bowl as I pick up a piece and pop it into my mouth before she can see me. But she does, she always does.

“Wait until I’m finished, otherwise we won’t have enough,” she tells me without looking up from her chore.

My fingers reach in one more time before running to the dining room to rejoin the rest of my family. My mom comes in shortly after with the bowl and piles of individual shortcakes to pile the strawberries on top. I opt for just of a bowl full, too many distractions of flavor already taking away from their true taste.

I can eat them until I get sick, and often am the one to finish off the remaining stragglers. I grow up enjoying buckets of the fruit at every chance.


Next week I’ll prepare a cake. Chocolate with strawberry icing on top. Then I’ll pick up each red berry, inspect it, half it and quarter it to place on top. My daughter will be two and it’s one of her favorite treats. Maybe this will be her first memory of one of her favorite fruits. Maybe she will tell it to her daughter.

Prompt: Favorite fruit or veggie


11 Responses

  1. Oh those moms- they always see, don’t they?

    Loved this, I could taste the sweet tartness!

  2. This is wonderful! Strawberry shortcake!!!!! Yum!

  3. Berries (dipped or not) are one of life’s great pleasures!

  4. oh this was wonderful, so simple and sweet. I could taste those strawberries . :)

  5. Love this memory! Now I’m craving dessert. ;)

  6. yum! I prefer strawberries fresh too. my mom would make shortcake and she’d leave fresh strawberries aside for me. so yum!

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