Chris and I are sitting on the couch watching Cathouse this week. It feeds into our inherent for trashy, naked women and disgusting visuals.

We drink it in like a glass of cold water.

Some serious bondage bonding time happens while watching these type of shows, it’s really the only type of show that both of us eagerly agree upon.

The women? Are horrendous. I mean, a lot of them are porn stars, but they are just…really indescribable. Watching them is not conducive to getting laid, mind you, but my god do they make money. If I was to be a hooker, I’d totally want to be a brothel hooker.

Anyway, Chris and I are watching Cathouse. The women live in the house during while they work there, coming and going as they please. They make good money, they have everything they may want or need provided to them (of course they pay for some of it out of their “earnings”), sex lessons (yes, they do) and I assume they have a pretty decent security detail making sure none of the clients get rough. I may be completely wrong on that last one, but if I was running a whore house, I would definitely hire some bouncers for my ladies.

All these perks makes me question however, do they have normal work place advantages? Like, is there a health insurance plan they can sign up for? Or what about worker’s comp? Those heels are pretty effing high, and a lot of times too small for their feet. There is also a pole so I can only assume they is an injury or two happening in the house. Or what about the girls’ monthly visitor? Are they still expected to have customers? Do they still have to fill out W-4s or just I-9s? There are too many unanswered questions.

Unfortunately, when you google “Does the Moonlite Bunny Ranch provide health insurance?” you don’t come up with any answers.

I need a hooker I can interview. Do they even like being called hookers??


2 Responses

  1. You & I TOTALLY think alike. While I haven’t watched the show before, I have had a lot of these same thoughts (without actually googling for answers — I can’t imagine the links you found!).

    • I’ve been told I over-analyze things, but I can’t help it! The public needs to know if our local legal and licensed prostitutes are getting the health care coverage they require!

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