Blowing bubbles

She dances around in a small circle; he sits clapping on the floor staring up at her with enthusiasm as the bubbles circle and fall delicately around them both. The sunlight from the window catches creating a halo of color that surrounds the two off the giggling bodies.

Laughs so deep and happy they catch in their throats before exploding into sound, echoing through the small living room.

She spins around and around, the newest thing she discovered her feet can do. He watches and takes in her movements, learning through visuals.

So many giggles fill the afternoon. So much laughter and happiness. So much perfection.

I stand, lift him up and grab her hand. Together we spin in a circle, laughing and giggling, singing nursery rhymes, and teaching them toddler games.

We fall to the ground, our bodies in a tangled heap, laughing. The cold, gray afternoon suddenly seems much brighter.

Time interrupts our joy as I realize it’s almost time to eat dinner, which hasn’t even been started. They look up at me from their bed on the floor with smiles on their faces and reach up to be covered with hugs and kisses.

In this moment, their eyes tell me everything I have ever needed to know.

I’ve done something right.


5 Responses

  1. Oh, who cares about dinner when there are bubbles? Not me!

  2. I love those affirmations in their smiles that twinkle in their eyes…beautifully written ;)

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