10 things I love about me

Saturday morning I stood in the bathroom fixing my hair and makeup for the day. Kinley played on the floor while Caitlin popped in and out, jabbering away about something I couldn’t comprehend. I swiped powder across my cheeks as she stopped at the doorway staring up at me.

“Peeas? Peeas?” she pointed to the blue compact in my hand.

I bent down without thinking and pretended to rub the puff on her nose and forehead. She batted her eyes, telling me she wanted mascara. I brushed my finger through as she smiled, delighting in this ritual.

She bounded into the bedroom towards Chris, smiling and batting her eyes.

“She wants you to tell her how pretty she looks,” I told him as he stared at her.

“Oh, you’re so pretty. But you’re really pretty without makeup!” He said to her with faux enthusiasm.

And he’s right, she is beautiful. Both of my children are, and I know it’s not just me who thinks this. Everywhere we go, we’re stopped by strangers commenting on their looks. It makes my heart swell looking at them, because they are a part of me.

I want them to grow up realizing how beautiful they are. I don’t want them to struggle with what they see in the mirror. I want them to see what others see, two beautiful people with beautiful souls. That is my biggest wish.

I don’t want them to struggle like I do. I don’t want them to have that hurt. I don’t want either one of them to grow up watching me struggle. I have to teach myself how to be what I want them to be.

Everyday we’re surrounded by what we’re supposed to be. How we’re supposed to look, supposed to act, supposed to anything. We’re supposed to look amazing in everything we wear, but also act demure and modest and never admit when our ass looks amazing in yoga pants, otherwise be labeled as conceited and a bitch. We’re supposed to look to others for compliments from others, while keeping self-satisfaction mum. That’s what creates a vicious cycle. When we tell ourselves everyday that something can be better, something still isn’t perfect.

Fuck that.

For ten weeks, I’m going to be conceited. I’m going to be self-complimentary. I’m going to find something about myself that I love. And I’m going to share it with you, whether you want me to or not. For ten weeks, I would love if you guys joined me too in this.

I want my friends to look at themselves and find something THEY love about themselves. Not something their significant other loves, or their kids, but something that makes them look in the mirror and blow kisses to that foxy person staring back. I want pictures, drawings, descriptions of those things. I want to know what YOU love about YOU.

Every Monday, I’m going to post one thing I love about myself, along with a picture if possible. I’m going to pick 10 things that make me beautiful, fierce and amazing.

I want my children to love themselves, but how can I teach them to love themselves, when I barely can? That’s changing.

Join me? Come back every Monday for 10 weeks (if you want) and share your self love.


10 Responses

  1. Great idea, Great point. Count me in next Monday

  2. Great idea with an even better message behind it!

  3. I think this is a fantastic idea. I could use a little more plumping and puffing up my ego rather than focusing on all the shitty qualities I have.

  4. I LOVE this idea! I look forward to reading – hell, I may even join in on some self-praise – in the coming weeks!

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  7. […] you want to know about 10 things I love about me, go read here. Join in and share something you love about yourself, be it your phat ass or your amazing comedic […]

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