10 things I love about me wk 1

If you want to know about 10 things I love about me, go read here. Join in and share something you love about yourself, be it your phat ass or your amazing comedic timing.

I have beauty marks, birth marks and moles scattered across my body. I used to be embarrassed about them. They were too rare to be cute freckles spread across my skin; but too frequent and an arrangement of large, small, dark and light to be unnoticeable.

Two large-ish, light brown ones, on my right wrist and the other right below my belly button, are ones that are mostly commonly pointed out and questioned.

There are others that are in places only Chris can see. Those, I believe, are his favorites; little secret markings that only he sees.

A mole on my shoulder was one of my favorites until I had to have it removed early last summer after it began to get irritated and we worried about a cancer risk. Dark brown spots trace constellations on my neck and back.

But my favorite mark? The one I have learned to love beyond all measure of markings? The one under my right eye.

When I notice it in the mirror, after I do my make up and still feel less than confident? I suddenly feel empowered and beautiful. It brings attention to my eyes, which I know are different. It makes certain facial expressions and poses more silly and fun; it makes others more alluring and sexy. The side with the beauty mark is obviously my best side, don’t you agree?

Your turn!!


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4 Responses

  1. Ok ok, I know I said I was in but today’s my sister’s birthday.

    But you did remind me about a freckle I adore. Love this idea

  2. And so you should love the things that make you unique.

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