I remember

I couldn’t tell you the the day, the month or even the year; in a place where the fourth of July closely resembles Christmas Day, time begins to blur into a mass of endless sun. I don’t remember how old I was or if it was a school season or summer break.

I do remember the hot Hawaiian sun beating down, fiercely, on my neck and legs.

I remember the sound of the palm trees swaying in the breeze.

I remember a pink bathing suit.

I remember the chill of the water dancing from the sprinkler as I ran through it.

I remember being taller than I actually was, a vision of myself I once longed for. Tall and thin for my age, but I know that’s a false memory. I was, in every which way, tiny.

I remember a palm tree to my right when facing the house. I remember the outline of mountains behind it. I remember being afraid the dogs would get out of the fence, and run down the hill and get attacked by  a mongoose.

I remember laughing and jumping and screaming…

I remember pain. Sudden, severe pain shooting throughout my head.

I remember crying and running into the house.

I remember my mom looking at my ear…

I remember her saying it was time to change out of the suit and no more swimming or playing for a few days as she turned the hose off.

I remember an ear infection.

Prompt: Inspired by a hose


4 Responses

  1. At first I was jealous -Hawaii!!! Then an ear infection… ouch. Great post.

  2. I love the repetition of “I remember”, really helps the whole thing flow through to the end.

    I had a terrible ear infection when my family took a cross-country trip in an RV from CA to DC and back. They are AWFUL. :(

  3. Ouch. Hate those!

    I love all of the vivid memories like the sun beating fiercely, the palm trees swaying and the pink swimsuit.

    I also love that you were in Hawaii! *Swoon!*

  4. Tall and thin for my age, but I know that’s a false memory. I was, in every which way, tiny.

    Very descriptive; every which way, tiny.
    I think that cleverly sums up a mighty mind in a tiny body. And Hawaii. There should be a bucket load of interesting memories here!

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