Puppy love

A first love at the age of nine.


He was Fonzie in a world of Potsies. I was his Pinky Tuscadero with a recurring role.

We really liked Happy Days.

He was sweet, funny and proud of his Italian roots; raised by a loving and gentle single father. He appreciated me for who I was. He was the only one who didn’t make fun of my impossible to pronounce name when I arrived in Virginia.

We were simply in love.

He took me on my first date, at the age of ten. Valentine’s Day dinner at Uno’s with his father and girlfriend. He arrived early in the day to give me my gift.

A ruby ring, my birthstone. Set in gold and way to big for my fingers. I don’t know if it was real or not, but it doesn’t matter. Never has, never will. It came in a velvet ring box and the gem shined like crystallized blood in the light; deep and dark. I remember my heart catching in my throat as we sat on my bed while I gingerly took the wrapping off, our parents watching with smiling faces from the door way. My face flushed with embarrassment at what I would have liked to have been a private moment. It was a bittersweet moment, we knew his time in our little world was running out. By the summer, he’d be gone. But we sat on the bed as I whispered words of gratitude to him.

After several moments that, in my memory, stretch out longer than a lifetime, his father collected him up to get ready for our date. When he returned to pick me up later that night, the ring was secured around my finger with sizers to insure it wouldn’t fall off. 13 years later, however, I’ve no idea what happened to it, lost in one move or another. I still will look through drawers from time to time when I go to my parents house, positive I would know it when I see it.

A reminder of the boy who taught  me what love is.Prompt: A memory of the color red without using the word “red”


16 Responses

  1. You completely evoked that deep, dark color of red with your description of the ruby. I was able to visualize the box opening and feel your self-consciousness as the parents watched your moment. What a bittersweet piece. It left me wondering if you ever speak to Bronson now.

    • So many have asked about where he is today! I’ll write that story another day. He is still a piece of my life, the memory of the old him and who he is now.

  2. I felt the self-consciousness you felt as your parents watched you open that gift. I want to give you your privacy!!

    And I really want to know what happened to the boy.

    • Maybe soon I’ll tell what happened years later. But right now I enjoy remembering those sweet two years we were “boyfriend and girlfriend.”
      I remember feeling my mom’s eyes on my back as I opened the box. Oh, it still makes me nervous thinking about it!!

  3. Awwww….love.
    I remember the first gift I ever recieved from a boy who stole my heart. You brought up some sweet memories my friend.

  4. oh, one of my favorites today for sure.

    this line: gem shined like crystallized blood *WOW*

    I think we can all remember the one thing that said LOVE to us at a young age, this was exquisite.

    • *Blush* Thank you! It took years to remember how Bronson treated me and I hold my husband up to my puppy love standard.

  5. Fonzie and Pinky! That’s what did it for me…instant moment of “Hey! I remember that!” I especially liked the ending, the ring lost but the memory remains.

    • We loved Happy Days. We would beg our parents to let us stay up late to watch it since it was on Nick at Nite. Then we would spend recess the next day discussing.

  6. I love the Happy Days references!

    I think you did a wonderful job capturing the sweetness and the innocence of this relationship. I also loved the gem shining like “crystallized blood” in its velvet box. I could see it clearly.

    I hope some day you find it nestled in a drawer somewhere. What a find.

  7. My forst reaction as a romantic: So sweet!

    And my second reaction as a mom: So young!!

    I loved this line: “the gem shined like crystallized blood in the light; deep and dark” for the poetry of it!

  8. What a gentleman. His father must have been an amazing example.

    Suzan’s “Life is Better in a Tiara”

  9. “He was Fonzie in a world of Potsies. I was his Pinky Tuscadero with a recurring role.”

    This line stole my heart. I could actually see it, and it made perfect sense. .. that first love .. sigh. If only they could all be so innocent and sweet ;)

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