My family is the most important thing in my life, and 90% of the time, the inspiration for my writing.

Chris is my husband. He works with computers, enjoys playing video games and lounging in his boxers. He can fix pretty much anything too, which is really awesome. We met in June of ’07, started dating in July and got married in June of ’08.

Caitlin is our baby girl, born in March of ’09, she transformed us from being just a married couple into a family. It’s exciting to watch her grow everyday, even when she’s being bad. She’s a total daddy’s girl, but makes me do all the work.

Kinley is our little man who came the day before my birthday in July ’10. I don’t know much about him yet, but he’s a doll face. Now we’re a family of four thanks to him.

Linux is our dog who joined our family in January of ’09 as a result of the Kitty-Kitty incident. He is lovely, and stupid, and large.

My parents are pretty awesome. They live a couple of miles away so I spend a lot of time during the week with my mom. She’s my best friend (along with my sister). We can rely on them for anything, whether it’s a shoulder to lean on (mom) or an answer to a question (dad). They encourage anything we may attempt to do and are there to celebrate our success and to pick us up from our failures. They are truly the greatest parents a person could ask for.

I’m the baby of five, before me it’s girl, boy, boy, boy, me. I won’t share my siblings photos or much about them, just in case they wouldn’t like that.
Court is the oldest, engaged to Derek, with three kiddos.
Chris is the second, married to Kat, with four kiddos.
Steven is third, married to Melissa, with two kiddos.
Pat is the fourth, currently single, with one kiddo.
We breed like rabbits.

There isn’t really anyone else you’ll read about here, and my siblings will be mentioned very rarely. This is my life after all. But every single one if these people are the world to me.


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