Bright spots

Being a mom is crappy sometimes. You have to deal with hard shit sometimes and it can be completely draining on your psyche. But then? You get those moments that make it obvious why you would do it over and over again if you could go back and rewind. Moments like my son getting his groove on after dinner on Monday night.

Sorry the camera work is a little shaky. I was hiding and trying not to laugh so he wouldn’t get distracted.


Science time with Mommy!

Caitlin has been learning the lesson of inertia lately.

You know that one, right? A moving object will continue to move at the same speed in the same direction until something forces it to change.

And I didn’t even have to Wikipedia that one.

Imagine this scenario, if you please.

I’m walking down the hallway, all casually and such, when little footsteps begin to stomp their way at breakneck speed from the bedroom.

Although Caitlin is fast, I am faster and I am way ahead of her in the hall, so I do not think twice when I bend down to pick up a stray piece of paper that has landed in front of my feet.

At the moment my hand touches the trash, the footsteps are directly behind me. Giggling is happening, excitement, joy, eagerness to be going into the living room!

Until, that is, Caitlin’s face meets Mommy’s fat ass, causing a ricochet effect creating a sprawled out on the floor Caitlin.


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