Our year

We’ve been waiting.

Every year since we got married we’ve said “this will be our year. This is the year for us.”

Our first year came and went in a blur of pregnancy and fights. A first year of marriage shouldn’t be that hard. It wasn’t our year, but we stuck it out. We held on.

Our second year came and went with struggles that we never anticipated. A second baby. Lots of moving. A hole we clawed and scratched our way out of, tooth and nail. It wasn’t our year.

We celebrate our third anniversary this year. On New Year’s Eve we promised each other, this will be our year. No matter what, this would be it. No more struggling. No more stressing. No more crying. This is our year.

Chris began searching for a job in January. Opportunities stared us in the face, just barely out of our reach for one reason or another. Until, finally, one came up. We reached for it. A perfect opportunity, one to get our foot through the door, to get us going.

On Tuesday we got word. Everything is cleared, everything is good, he starts on the 18th.

This is our year. This is the year everything we went through pays off.

I’m so happy. I’m so proud of him. We’re so excited.

Right now, our life is perfect.

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