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Is it normal for your chest to hurt in general?

That post title has, like, nothing to do with the post. Except my chest does hurt. But that’s really all. I couldn’t think of anything else to put…

Days where I have doctor’s appointments always kind of make me exhausted. Days where I’m surrounded by my brood of nieces and nephews always makes me kind of exhausted too. Probably because they are so excited to be with each other and everyone, they zap all the energy I have. Which, on days where there is a brood of them and a doctor’s appointment, I don’t have a whole lot of anyway. They are little energy stealers, that brood of children. But my god, are they awesome cousins. They make caring for Caitlin during lunch time or in the store that much easier because they love to entertain her. And she loves her cousins, I’m so thankful that she gets to grow up with them because they really are some cool kids.

So that was my day yesterday. A doctor’s appointment and surrounded by a small brood of my nieces and nephews. There were only 5 children total, but man, the way they jump around and talk so quickly…by five I’m just ready for a nap. I can only imagine how my mom is feeling right now, because the four that can talk and jump around? Sleeping at her house for the next two days. She just got rid of two that talked fast and jumped around A LOT MORE, and then gained three. I’m surprised she doesn’t hate summer, but she does it to herself!! You can only blame yourself mom….


Doctor’s appointment went well, I finally got to see Dr. Anthony Anderson again after a few weeks of not. He didn’t do any check because of the fact that I’m 33 and a half weeks and I started labor with Caitlin at 34. He said he didn’t want any “unnecessary poking going on down there.” Yes, that was my obstetrician’s exact words. “Unnecessary poking.” Then, he felt he should elaborate about what that meant as far as sex. And his exact words then? “That means no unnecessary poking for him too. I mean, I know sometimes it has to happen. So when it does, you guys better make it worth it because I don’t want that happening often.”

Oh. My. God. I nearly cried from laughing. Whatever gave you the idea that may be an issue doctor? Was it the fact that I got pregnant for a second time when my daughter was six months old?

I also found out the unfortunate news that, as of right now, he isn’t delivering at the hospital I wanted to deliver at. It’s 15 minutes closer and brand spanking new, but as of right now he isn’t doing rounds there. That completely sucks, but wouldn’t be an issue, but the only two doctor’s from my office delivering there are Dr. Nice, But Too Rushed (remember her from a couple of weeks ago?) and Dr. Owner of the Practice Who Rarely Delivers Babies Anymore. If it were any other two doctors (other than Dr. Pedo-Bear obviously), I’d be completely chill. But since it’s only those two? Nope, I’ll be going to the other hospital. I do not care. I don’t want a doctor who doesn’t listen to me or even know me dealing with this if I can help it. However, at my 36 week check up (so long as I make it that far) he says he may have better news as far as that goes. Here’s hoping.

It’s just nice to find a doctor that you not only trust has YOUR best interest at heart, but your baby’s too. I really do feel like Dr. Anthony Anderson cares about how I am doing, and he shows this because he actually remembers who I am. He remembers Chris, my mom and Caitlin. And you know who else he remembers BY NAME? My best friend, because she is his patient too (recommended by me). I told him her name and he knew exactly who I was talking about. He actually takes his time with patients, at least with me, and he makes me feel comfortable. It’s awesome to actually have that in a doctor.

The best gift giver

Let me begin this by saying that there are some things my husband does, god love him, that irritate the living dog crap out of me. Like, “please stop that or I swear to baby Jesus in a manger I will CUT YOU RIGHT EFFING NOW!” irritating. Such as, not putting a bag back into the garbage can once it’s been emptied (apparently this is a MAN thing however, as I’ve noticed it’s a common complaint), leaving toothpaste spit in the sink, and his inability to place a fresh roll of toilet paper or paper towels on the roll once it’s been emptied. There are many more, but if I made that list, it would probably go on for all of the internets. However, while it’s all very irritating, it’s all pretty minuscule and I try not to pick a fight about it. Unless I’m feeling feisty and cranky, then homeboy better watch out. We’ve been through a lot in our time as a married couple, and I’ve realized and learned that he could be doing much worse things. He comes home to me every night, isn’t doing drugs, and no longer drinks, so I let it go because it’s not worth fighting over. But he does need to get on mowing the lawn more often…but that’s another post for another time.

Anyway, all that to say this. While my husband has very irritating habits that sometimes make me need to take a time out before I strangle him, he is good at a lot of other stuff. He makes a mean homemade BBQ sauce, which I love on pulled beef. He also tells me I should stop looking at stuff that upsets me, like the Perverted Justice website, or watching sad movies/tv shows. And, I’ve mentioned this before, he’s really good at fixing stuff and teaching me how to fix stuff too. So while he can be a bit “absentminded” or as others call it “lazy”, he is pretty awesome. One of his best qualities? The man can pick out presents.

Our first Christmas together? I asked for nothing, didn’t want anything, so he bought me a laptop. Oh, and proposed. Valentine’s Day, he made me a wooden box to keep my journal in, which I use to keep smallĀ  keepsakes in, like my hospital bracelet from having the baby, or favorite pens (I collect pens). Second Christmas together, I asked for a purple iPod Nano. I received the autographed copy of Wicked from my dad, so he got me a new hard cover copy of Wicked, and an autographed copies of the sequels. And tickets to see the musical. On Broadway. In New York. The purple iPod Nano? I got that too. My birthday after the baby was born, he got me a new video camera since we didn’t own one yet. Last year for Christmas, I asked for a Tiffany’s key pendant. Got it. I don’t ask him for a lot, I really don’t. But he goes out of his way to get me something I’d truly enjoy. He always gets me what I want, and if I can’t think of anything, he takes a lot of time and thinks of something for me. I’m not picky. I’m happy with anything he gives me, but he makes sure that anything he gives me will be treasured, and it always is.

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and I’ve asked for nothing. His original plan was to get me a prenatal massage and a mani/pedi, but since issues with the pregnancy have arisen, the massage is out. Mani/pedi is still in, thank god. Anyway, so I was happy with getting my feet a little pampered prior to the gory birthing scene since they are constantly hurting. I wasn’t going to ask for anything other than that, except for maybe him making his delicious BBQ beef and possibly letting me sleep in. However, the other day, he informed me he needed my mom’s phone number for something for my birthday. Then he asked me my ring size. I gave him my mom’s number, but told him no damn rings right now. We’ll get our new rings later on in July, just not right now.

(Sidenote: I have mentioned it briefly before, we are getting new wedding bands. Originally, it was only his since his is too small now, and it was going to be titanium since that is what he originally wanted. Then it turned into a Claddagh ring, since the meaning of it is very important to us and we were both going to get new ones. We hadn’t ordered them yet, but were preparing to do so soon.)

He assures me that no, he isn’t ordering the rings, and okay, we’ll do it later. He was just curious. Okay, whateves. So I start badgering my mom and him for a clue about my gifts. I’m good, if I don’t know. The second you tell me however that you have a surprise? Oh, it’s on. I will get it out of you. It’s especially nice that Chris gets so excited that he can’t keep a secret for long. I knew I’d find out soon enough, but I hated not knowing. He gives me a clue. A quarter will be arriving in the mail soon. I’m completely stumped. What has to do with my mom and a quarter that isn’t a bad joke about sex or something? No clue.

He gets home and goes outside with a hammer and all I hear for about 45 minutes is lots of banging. Finally, he comes inside with a quarter. A quarter that looks strange and he explains to me that back in WWII, men who couldn’t sleep would go out with a spoon and bang a quarter into a wedding ring for their beloved back home. It would take hours and hours for the quarter’s edges to begin to round and thicken, and once it was proper, they would drill out the middle and file it until it was smooth. The quarters then were already made of silver, as where the ones today are made of copper. Since they are made of copper he had to order a silver one, the one he ordered was a 2008 (the year we were married) Hawaii (where I was born) quarter. My husband is making me a new wedding band.

Test Ring1

This is his preliminary ring

Test Ring2

Test Ring3

Mine will be a pretty silver color

I’m not picky about my jewelry. I love necklaces, and prefer things to be very understated. Large diamond rings are completely unnecessary to me, I mean, if you have one, good for you. I don’t care for it, I don’t feel like the carat size of my engagement/wedding ring is a sign of how much my husband loves me. I don’t care if he gets me a ring from a quarter machine, it’s the fact that he thought of me during the purchase that matters. So the fact that he is making me a ring? That is the most romantic thing I could have ever imagined him doing. He won’t be out there beating it with a spoon, I would like it before my birthday, but it does take several hours and lots of devotion to do this. Once he is finished with mine, he’ll start on his, but we have to order a silver dollar for his, otherwise it won’t be big enough.

On the inside it will say “Hawaii” where the one pictured says “Michigan” (yes, he did make that one) and 2008. The inner ring will also be smaller so it fits a little better. I’m so excited. Some of you may have 1 or 2 carat diamonds on your fingers, but did your husband MAKE your wedding band? I didn’t think so :)

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